Painting with Pixels: Virtual Oil, Ink, & More

Digital painting by Nancy Freeman.

Digital painting by Nancy Freeman.

Fall classes started yesterday at The Art League, but it’s not too late to register for that class you’ve been eyeing — the first week of classes continues through Sunday, and there are plenty of classes starting even later. (See the School home page for the whole list.)

One of those classes, starting Tuesday, September 24, offers a new frontier for the well-rounded and adventurous artist: digital art apps.

“Painting with Pixels” with Nancy Freeman is an eight-week class exploring the possibilities of a medium that’s growing in popularity and accessibility. Apps are inexpensive, portable, mess-free — and have an undo button.

Nancy, a classically trained painter who also teaches pastel for The Art League, started her computer art career in 1985. She used the Amiga for her first paintings (the same machine Andy Warhol helped launch). The drawings could either be 32 colors and 320 pixels x 240, or 640 x 480 with only 16 colors.

Today, there are a variety of quality and user-friendly apps to create much more than what was possible with early pixel art. The Apple and Android apps covered in this class can be used to create a finished product in the form of a print, or worked into the creative process — for example, by starting from a scanned image or adding traditional media to a digital print. For more information and to register, click here.

Some other classes starting late:

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