33 Ideas for Artists’ Pinterest Boards

Some of The Art League's recent pins.

Some of The Art League’s recent pins.

Whether you’re a Pinterest veteran (OK, it’s only a couple years old) or you’re just thinking of joining in, you can always use ideas for new things to pin. You know about the basics — inspiration, portfolio, works in progress — but sometimes “inspiration” isn’t quite as enticing as “scarey bunnies” or “That Seventies Board!”

To get your creativity started and keep your followers clicking, we spent some time brainstorming and put together a list of boards to try out … but just the titles.

What would the “oops” board look like? That’s up to you. There are no rules on Pinterest — well, there are a few, as you already know if you’ve been pinning:

  • every pin must contain an image
  • every pin must belong to a board
  • give credit! (if you pin from a website, Pinterest automatically links back to the source — or, you can add a credit to the description)

Other than that, creativity is king. As with any other social media site, there are three general guidelines to follow: stick with it — post regularly, not in fits and starts; join in — comment and like and re-pin other people’s posts; and be yourself — share your story and your voice.

Pinterest Board Ideas: workshops & exercises manipulated images remixes & mashups animals & humans half-finished ideas if I was a _____ not so still life things to read experiments black & blue renaissance recycled art artists I like things to try places to go alexandria fruit bowl found art to-do list art-wear patterns textures surreal winter stories videos music 'whoa' 1999 tools oops lines eyes

What will you pin? Any ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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