From Our Abstract Painting Students: “Emerge”

Artwork in "Emerge" (click for full size)

Some of the artwork in “Emerge” (click for full size)

How do painters create the puddled, cracked, and impasto effects in the paintings above? The answer was the subject of a Winter class at The Art League, and you can see the results in a new exhibit.

“Emerge” features work by the students and instructor in Marsha Staiger’s class Emerge: Advanced Acrylic/Mixed Media, and it’s on view through March 30 in Site 2 and Site 3 Galleries here at the Torpedo Factory (find them by the elevators on the second and third floor).

This class covers different topics each term: elements and principles in the Fall, series work in the Spring, and in the Winter, they covered gels and mediums — the mix-in ingredients that make acrylic paint so versatile:

“Our group of 22 students ventured into the world of Golden Paint, a familiar place for the class but with added interest in the adaptability and interaction of mediums; gels; pastes; high flows; fluids; heavy bodies; and open, interference, and iridescent acrylics. All of these are mixable and layerable with a variety of drying times and general tendencies to stay put, mingle, pool, puddle or pour. This exhibition has been installed, created, heralded, and festooned by the students as an interactive and educational experience.”

You can see it through March 30!

Abstract painting classes this Spring:



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