16 Classes Starting in May

With Summer registration starting May 11, you might be tempted to think it’s too late to join Spring classes. Au contraire!

There are no fewer than 16 classes starting in May, including lots of fiber arts and jewelry courses. So look below for the list, and as always, contact the School office if you have any questions (or if you want to join a class that’s already in session). The full catalog, as always, is here.

Landscape Painting

Contour in conté, Priscilla Treacy

Contour in conté, Priscilla Treacy

Basic Drawing

  • starts: Friday, May 8
  • with: Priscilla Treacy
  • the foundational course for many first-time and continuing students.

Survey of Spinning Techniques

  • starts: Sunday, May 10
  • with: Sylvia DeMar
  • learn a variety of techniques to make yarn with varied materials

Open-Life Drawing Sessions

  • starts: Monday, May 11; Wednesday, May 13; or Friday, May 15
  • monitored sessions for artists who wish to draw or paint from live models

Metal Jewelry

  • starts: Monday, May 11; Wednesday, May 13 (am / pm); Sunday, May 17
  • with: Gretchen Raber (Monday), Nick Barnes (Wednesday), or Michael Brehl (Sunday)
  • the jewelry course for beginners and experienced students

Knitting Projects: Beyond Square

  • starts: Tuesday, May 12; Thursday, May 14; Sunday, May 17
  • with: Barbara Garren or Dianna Kreutz
  • for knitters ready to move beyond scarves to their next project

Enameling on Metal

  • starts: Tuesday, May 12
  • with: Abby Goldblatt
  • enameling for beginners — add color to your metal!
Mary Ellen Trozzo

Mary Ellen Trozzo

Jewelry with Gems: Stonesetting

  • starts: Thursday, May 14
  • with: Mary Ellen Trozzo
  • basic techniques for setting pearls, cabochons, and stones in your jewelry

Stonesetting Continued

  • starts: Thursday, May 14
  • with: Mary Ellen Trozzo
  • learn more advanced settings to use in your jewelry pieces

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