Seven Amazing Letters From Artists

Max Bohm to Emilie Bohm, 1889

Max Bohm to Emilie Bohm, 1889

Perhaps today’s famous artists send their delightful doodles as email attachments (if you get one, won’t you forward it to us?). In years past, they went through the mail, and — luckily for us — many survived so we can peek at them decades or even 100 years later.

Written by typewriter and by hand, these are some of our favorite letters from the Letters of Note blog. If you enjoy them, follow the links at the bottom of this post to explore some other sources!

Be sure to check out the illustrated letters collection at the Archives of American Art! If you’re interested in mail as art, rather than just letters by famous artists, here is the University at Buffalo Mail Art Collection and the Mogens Otto Nielsen mail art archive.


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