You’ve Got Resolutions, We’ve Got Art Classes

Winter classes at The Art League

Original painting by Susan Herron

This post from 2015 has been updated with new classes and links.

Winter classes start up soon (January 11–17), and it’s not too late to join the fun!

Taking a new class is a great way to work on your New Year’s Resolution to try something new or learn a new skill. Browse all our classes — or, see below for some tips on classes to take to fulfill your personal resolution.

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So, what do you want to do this year?

. . . try something new.

We have you covered there! Every class and workshop we offer is new if you haven’t taken it before. But if you’re looking for something recently added to our catalog, why don’t you try one of these?

. . . work out.

Sometimes, creativity and physical activity have a happy overlap.

. . . travel.

We organize travel art workshops every year, but there are also classes closer to home that can make your own travels more fun!

  • Intro to Photography: If you want to make some killer vacation albums this summer, why not spend your winter learning the ins and outs of your camera and how to see with a photographer’s eye?
  • Intermediate Photography: This is the class for you if you already know how to use your camera and want to hone your style and learn advanced techniques.
  • Art on the Go with Your iPad: Take along a multiple-media digital sketchbook!

. . . learn a new language.

OK, you were probably thinking of French or Mandarin — but an important part of taking art classes is learning the (non-verbal) language of visual art: things like composition and color.

  • Basic Drawing: The class we recommend most to those who want to take their first art class.
  • Calligraphy: So you can write beautifully, no matter the language.
  • Artistic Anatomical Drawing: Artistic anatomy is the foundation of figure drawing. Just ask da Vinci!
  • Sumi-é: This class is an opportunity to learn a non-Western tradition of painting. Sumi-é is a form of brush painting with roots in calligraphy.

. . . be creative and make mistakes!

It’s pretty much our motto here at The Art League School. So find your class (please call or email the School if you need help picking one out) and get to it! And don’t forget to share with us, whatever it is you make this Winter!

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