Winter Classes Start in One Month!


Create something more.

Winter classes at The Art League start in exactly one month!

The week of January 9–15 marks the start of Winter term, and that means you have a few weeks left to sign up for that art class you’ve been eyeing. As always, we’re offering nine-week classes and shorter-term workshops.

Not sure how you want to get creative? Here are a few ideas:

Get more fiber

Student work from felting classes.

Fiber art classes are the perfect place to make something warm for yourself, or something beautiful for your home! These classes cover it all, from felting to weaving to knitting to hand stitching. (Read our full guide to the fiber arts.)

Here are a few ideas on where to start:

Solve a mystery

A facial reconstruction by Joe Mullins.

This class is a little different from the rest of the catalog: it’s a seven-week dive into facial anatomy and reconstruction with forensic artist Joe Mullins. Bet you didn’t think we’d have a class in crime-solving!

Start with the basics

Week 3 of Basic Drawing with instructor Scott Hutchison

If you’re really unsure what to take, you can’t go wrong with Basic Drawing. It’s recommended for absolute beginners, lapsed artists, and anyone in need of a refresher. (Here are five things you’ll learn in Basic Drawing.)

Make a match

Still looking? The best way to find the class that’s right for you is by contacting our office. We know all the classes and instructors and can make suggestions for you:

  • 703-683-2323

Or, for a little bit of fun, take our quiz and find your next art class that way. And you can always find the full catalog online.

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