Slow Art Day is Saturday

How do you like to experience art?

Do you sit and look? Rush to see everything you can? Read the label? Take a selfie?

This Saturday, April 8, is international Slow Art Day, a day that asks you to try a specific way of looking at art. As you might guess, it involves slowing down and taking your time.

How do I participate?

It’s easy: go to a museum or gallery near you, choose 1–5 artworks, and look at them for 10 minutes each. Then, talk with others about your experience! If you don’t have a group, there are organized events at many museums and galleries worldwide, including in the DC area.

At The Art League

Our gallery is open 10:00 am–5:00 pm this Saturday, and this month we have two exhibits on view: the April Open Exhibit, juried by April Wood, and the SOHO Photography Exhibit.

Look See

If you need a guide to get you started, you can try Look See, which gives you five prompts about five artworks (you pick which five). Pick up a handout near the front of the gallery! We encourage you to share your thoughts with #SlowArtDay and #ArtLeagueLookSee.

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