Introducing Look See, Your Gallery Exploration Guide

Look See

There’s nothing wrong or right about how you experience an art gallery, but some visitors enjoy having a companion. That’s why we created Look See, your Art League gallery exploration guide!

This short guide for all ages starts with some quick facts about art and galleries, and prompts to get you thinking. Look See puts you in the different roles that make a gallery such an interesting place: artist, juror, collector, subject, and of course viewer.

Have a Look See

There’s really only one rule here: don’t touch the artwork. Other than that, you can use Look See however you like. It’s intended to spark conversation, photos, and a second look at the artwork.

You can pick up Look See at the front of our gallery. Just look for the sign with the googly eyes!

We encourage you to share what you find with the hashtag #ArtLeagueLookSee. We’ll be updating the guide with new questions as we continue, so please feel free to make suggestions!

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