Sage Chandler Brings Fowl Visitors to the Gallery

by Sage Chandler
June 8–July 2, 2017
Meet the Artist​ ​& Models (human and feathered)​: ​Thursday, June 8, 6:30-8:00 pm

Feathers are flying at The Art League this month.

Sage Chandler’s “The FOWL MOOD Show” pairs the artist’s two favorite subjects, people and chickens, in tongue-in-cheek and lightly narrative paintings. Tonight, you can meet the artist and her models — including the poultry — at the opening reception.

In the Instagram above, you can see (left to right) Black and Blues, Chixxx for Sale, and Cock Tease in installation. This is a detail from American Goth:

Chandler’s extra-large paintings play on phrases like “chick” and “cock tease,” while portraying individuals at the edges of society. Narratives are implied by the titles and characters, but the paintings remain open to interpretation.

Don’t be chicken — see “The Fowl Mood Show” before it closes on July 2, 2017.

About the artist

As part of her (intended art history) undergraduate degree, Sage Chandler traveled to Germany in 1989 to study as an art history extern at a gallery in Koln. However, a trip to East Berlin at the height of East Germany’s uprising that October changed her trajectory. Instead, she received a BA in International Relations from Allegheny College with focus on East Germany’s dissident movement, and the manner in which opposition leaders used the arts to secretly communicate.

Upon moving to Washington nearly two decades ago for a government job in international relations, she began painting at The Art League. Her work has received numerous local and regional awards and has been shown in galleries and exhibits throughout the region. She has been featured twice in Northlight Books “Strokes of Genius” series, and her commissioned works are in collections in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, and Brazil.

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