A New Art Podcast by Abbi Jacobson, WNYC, and MoMA


Abbi Jacobson — comedian, actor, and illustrator — is the host of a new podcast by WNYC and the Museum of Modern Art.

A Piece of Work is centered around questions about contemporary and modern art. It will last for only 10 episodes, each exploring a different theme that emerges from MoMA’s collection. The first episode, to be released on Monday, is titled Everyday Objects, followed up July 12 by Abstraction.

Each episode explores a handful of artworks by way of Jacobson’s own questions and her conversations with celebrities and art experts alike. For more about A Piece of Work, you can read the press release from WNYC.

Bonus: The Lonely Palette

We just heard about The Lonely Palette, a newish (one year old) podcast about art history. Host Tamar Avishai takes a unique approach: each 22-minute episode is about one specific artwork from art history. h/t The Big Listen

Even more art podcasts

For working artists, there are a small but helpful number of podcasts geared toward community, tutorials, and learning from other artists. We covered five of our favorite art podcasts in a post last year.

What are some of your other favorite art-related podcasts? Let us know in the comments!

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