What is Gesture Drawing? Find Out on Saturdays

by John Murray

Gesture Drawing (Beginner/Intermediate)
with John Murray

What is gesture drawing, anyway? The phrase might bring to mind a game of charades, but it’s really all about “the essence of rhythm and movement,” says John Murray, an Art League instructor who will be teaching Gesture Drawing starting this Fall.

by John Murray

Gestural drawing is associated with loose, flowing, and expressive marks. The term can be used broadly — you’ll even see that we have a workshop called Gestural Florals — but in this class, it’s all about the movement of the human body. Each class, students will draw from a model in 5-minute, 10-minute, and longer poses.

The class is good for all levels, Murray says. There will be some discussion of anatomy, but the focus will be on training the hand, and eye, to build confidence and experience.

by John Murray

You can sign up here for a gesture drawing class, and view our full catalog online.


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