Say Hello to Your Patrons’ Show MCs

Patrons’ Show 2016

This Sunday, Oscar Santana and Robb Spewak will be at the mic leading hundreds of people through the adventure known as the Patrons’ Show Fundraiser. That’s right — they’ll be calling your name as this year’s Patrons’ Show MCs!

You might recognize Robb and Oscar from the Mike O’Meara Show, where they entertain listeners daily with discussions of their lives, pop culture, and the news.

Since they’re both Patron’s Show pros at this point, we asked them to help us get everyone pumped up for this Sunday’s event by sharing their tips and stories. (This will be the second time hosting for each of them, and their first time teaming up!)

Oscar Santana

Tip #1: Get involved

How’d we snag these two, anyway?

“A handful of my friends have been going to the show for about 6 or 7 years,” Oscar told us. He’d see beautiful pieces of art in their home, and eventually he asked them about it:

“That must have cost a fortune.”
“No, see, they have this event every year…”

Once Oscar started attending as well, a volunteer recognized him and we heard him talk about the show on the air. It didn’t take long for us to invite him to be the host.

“Of course I said yes, because the event rules.”

Tip #2: Go digital

As a 5th year attendee, Oscar’s favorite moment has been watching the evolution in people’s list-making methodologies: from clipboards, to posters, to spreadsheets, to the public debut of the Art Thief app three years ago.

“That’s the geek in me,” he said.

A bonus side effect of so many people using the app: everything goes more smoothly and quickly.

Tip #3: Everyone wins

Oscar’s stage name is Oscar Santana, but his given family name is Zeballos, so he’s used to getting called last. That said, he’s hoping to get one of his top 10 picks.

Still, he’s not stressing out. Every piece from past shows is hanging is his home, even if it wasn’t a number one pick. “Whether you pick first or last … I tell everyone, you win. You’ll actually get a piece of art.”

Tip #4: Be patient, be informed, be entertained

Oscar’s number one tip? Listen for your name and don’t worry so much how it’s pronounced.

If you pay attention, you’ll have an easier time picking your piece when your name is called — and you’ll have more fun.

Tickets are still available for this Sunday’s Patrons’ Show Fundraiser!

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