Bugs’ Life: Megan Partridge’s “Bugs. Or Kafka on Prozac.” Brings Humanity to the Insect World

Super Bee by Megan Partridge

Super Bee by Megan Partridge

Megan Partridge’s bugs not only bring their own life to the canvas…but also a similarity to our own every day lives. The very human feelings of imbibing too much, or inspiration, or of smugness are portrayed in the style of work as well as the expression of the bugs.

Partridge’s work has transformed the gallery in to a jewel-colored Spring ecosystem, from the expressive paintwork of “Tink’s Angry Adolescent Phase” to the almost basket-like hatched background of “Well, Actually” to the center of the exhibit which features the magnificently bedraggled “Hangover Cricket.”

Hangover Bug by Megan Partridge

Hangover Cricket by Megan Partridge

According to Partridge, the paintings are an exploration of herself, “one bug at a time.” Each Bug has their own personality, that reflects on not only the human experience, but also the artist.

Bugs. Or Kafka on Prozac.on view at The Art League gallery April 10—May 5, 2019.  

Shot from the Artist's Instagram of work in progress

Shot from the Artist’s Instagram of work in progress

Megan Partridge is a self-taught artist residing in the District of Columbia. She currently holds degrees from the University of Virginia and Duke University. Partridge, like approximately ten percent of the population, lives with a condition named aphantasia – a blind mind’s eye. Ever since, she has looked at making art as an opportunity to find new ways to explore herself and visually represent her own thoughts and feelings. Art affords her a vocabulary to translate her mind and thoughts into something visual. Regardless of the subject or style, Partridge’s work inevitably speaks to who she is.

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