Eye Opening: Berit Jerama Estabrook’s “Eyes of the Wild”

Berit Estabrook’s peaceful woodland creatures, at first, seem saccharin and whimsical, but with a deeper look show the cracks in the relationship between humans and nature. Given almost human-like emotions, the creatures in Estabrook’s acrylics seem to call out to the viewer…in many cases, that call is “HELP!”

“My aspiration,” says Estabrook, “is to remind myself and the the viewer of the sacredness of nature and the interdependence of all living things. While most of us have a sense of our roles within the ecosystem, I want to to express how our connectedness goes deeper, beyond the visible.”

One of Estabrook’s integral character is a portrait of a caribou with expressive tones of both ice and earth in  Arctic Moment I. Caribou, nicknamed “grey ghosts” for their elusive nature, are currently endangered in the United States due to human activity.

“Only when we believe that we are isolated from nature can we do it harm.” says Estabrook.

Eyes of the Wild will be on view at The Art League Gallery May 8—June 2, 2019.


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