Artist Interviews

Q&A interviews with the artists whose work is chosen by jurors as best in show in our monthly exhibits. Learn about the stories and the creative process behind these award-winning works of art from the artists who created them!

Painter Kay Fuller’s “Journey” into Abstraction

"I had no idea what I was doing when I started painting abstractly." Read more →

Photographer Pete McCutchen’s “Radical Openness”

“Have you ever seen a child in a new place, eyes wide, looking around curiously?” Read more →

Q&A with Watercolorist Pat King

“I think that a successful painting happens when you really enjoy the process.” Read more →

Sculptor Caprica Peniza’s “The Last Woman”

The Last Woman is not only the first piece Caprica ever entered at The Art League. At one time, it was the last piece of her artwork she had. Read more →

Wendy Donahoe on the Spectrum of Drawing

Works in colored pencil do not preclude they be exclusively rendered in a full spectrum of “color.” Read more →

Building 3-D Collages with David Alfuth

“I was a painter in my early days, and I find the process is about the same.” Read more →