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Next Week at The Art League: Receptions! Ice Cream!

Next week at The Art League is packed! Here's what's in store. Read more →

The 2014 Art Camp Photo/Video Scrapbook

Sharing everything that happened at Art Camp this year would take another summer. So instead, here's a short scrapbook with some photos and videos from the past few weeks. Read more →

Watercolorist Carolyn Gawarecki on Albuquerque Night

“I wanted to do a bold, strong, dramatic painting that would stand out with some twinkling colorful lighting effects.” Read more →

Memorial Exhibit for Jim Burford

Jim Burford, a longtime Art League drawing and painting instructor, passed away in July. He also taught at Marymount University, where the Jim Burford Memorial Exhibition will open September 5. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #236

“Creativity takes courage.” — Henry Matisse Read more →

Artist Larry Fransen’s Kinetic Sculptures

“My journey to create wonderful objects that move began over three decades ago when I put together a wood shop. Building clocks seemed like a challenging goal.” Read more →