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“The Guard” at Ford’s Theatre

“There's something about the underbelly of a museum that's really interesting.” Read more →

The Zero-Budget Guide to Photographing Artwork

If you've attempted photographing your artwork in the past, you've probably noticed a number of issues: uneven lighting, incorrect colors, and glares and shadows. Read more →

Brand-New Classes and Workshops This Fall

A brand-new school year at The Art League means not only a new catalog but, naturally, new classes and new teachers in almost every medium we offer. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #284

Every Tuesday, we gather a variety of artist opportunities around the DC area and beyond. Find one below and enter today — good luck! Read more →

What’s New, Art Camp?

P.S. For more from Art Camp, see what the teens in Life-Size Paper Maché made in this Facebook album. Read more →

Escape with These ’Scapes

Two of our most popular exhibits celebrate place and space — landscapes and sculptures — and they come each year during a time when we're all looking for a little escape. Read more →