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Repost: Email Newsletters for Artists in Three Steps

The Art League Blog is on vacation this week, so we're reposting some of our most popular resources. Please enjoy this post from the vault! Read more →

Repost: What To Post As an Artist on Social Media

Social media can be a very useful tool for growing a strong community of followers — if you tend to your networks regularly and in the right way. Read more →

Repost: Protecting Images of Your Artwork Online

In the low-attention-span world of the Internet, photos are the best way to grab someone's attention. But what about when someone wants to steal your work? Here are the best ways to keep your work protected. Read more →

Meet Our Newest Instructors

We search all over to bring together the best art instructors we can find. This school year, we're excited to welcome ten new artists to teach in our classrooms! Read more →

Fall Registration is Open!

The brand new Art League catalog has arrived and registration is now open for fall classes and workshops! Read more →

Travel Art Workshops and FAQs for 2016–17

With a new school year starting, we have a new slate of travel workshops coming up. Are you ready for Greece? How about Croatia? Read more →