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The 2017 Patrons’ Show Fundraiser Judge’s Award Winners

On Wednesday, Patrons' Show Fundraiser juror Jack Rasmussen visited the gallery to pick out the four judge's awards. We're very pleased to announce the award winners! Read more →

Monday: Plan Your Escape

On Monday, you can get yourself an early Valentine’s present at the Best Place to Take Classes in the DC area! Read more →

Newly Released Open Access Images From the Met

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced it's releasing images from its collection for the public to use freely. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #357

On Tuesdays, we gather a variety of artist opportunities around the DC area and beyond. Find one below and enter today — good luck! Read more →

Best of DC 2017: Vote The Art League

If you think we're the best around, this is your chance to show it! Read more →

Patrons’ Show Fundraiser Updates

Did you know you don't need a full Patrons' Show ticket to join in the fun? And it doesn't end after the last name is called? Read more →