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Other Ways to Draw

There's more than one way to make a line. Read more →

Wendy Donahoe on the Spectrum of Drawing

Works in colored pencil do not preclude they be exclusively rendered in a full spectrum of “color.” Read more →

Energy Through Line: A Q&A with Guy Jones

“I draw energy through line. I have always loved pen & ink, don’t know why. I really prefer black & white.” Read more →

What’s That Thing? Tortillons

What is a tortillon? What's it for, and how's it different from a blending stump? Read more →

Wendy Donahoe talks Daydreams

“I decided against ‘Daydreamer,’ because I didn’t want to assign the figure an identity.” Read more →

Fall Drawing Classes for Beginners

Have you been looking at our brand-new catalog of art classes and you're not sure where to start? Are you a complete beginner looking to try out a new art class? Read more →