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Lessons in Frozen Watercolor

What I learned painting in 17 degree temperatures today: when it's cold enough out, watercolor crystallizes on your palette, and then solidifies on your paper. Read more →

Artist Larry Fransen’s Kinetic Sculptures

“My journey to create wonderful objects that move began over three decades ago when I put together a wood shop. Building clocks seemed like a challenging goal.” Read more →

You’re the Artist! Happy Trails to Sculpture Instructor Chuck Johnson

After more than 18 years of challenging students to “dare to be great” in his Art League sculpture classes, Charles “Chuck” Johnson has retired at the end of the fall 2013 term. Read more →

Sarah Dale: Accepting Rejection as a Challenge

Interested in guest blogging for The Art League? Click here to learn more. Sarah Dale is an emerging Alexandria artist who uses upcycled materials to experiment with color and visual elements. Her 3D pieces bridge the gap from painting to sculpture where she focuses on trying to find her own voice using color and Read more →