Ikebana Archive

Ikebana Meets Art on the Rocks

Spring arrives at The Art League May 1-6 with the return of our Ikebana Show, and creative cocktails at Art on the Rocks inspired by Ikebana installations. Read more →

Previewing Our 2018 Exhibits

2018 is near! Here's some of what's in store in our gallery. Read more →

A Walk Through the Ikebana Show

The Biennial Ikebana Exhibit closed Sunday, and so it'll be another two years until these unique floral installations return to the Gallery. Read more →

The Colors and Events of Ikebana

It's time for a little Spring color, don't you think? Read more →

The Ikebana Show: Open Through Sunday Only!

It comes but once every two years, and in a few days it'll be gone again: the 15th Biennial Ikebana Exhibit is here! Read more →

Escape Winter This Weekend

With the piles of snow on the ground, it seems like spring will never make its way to DC. But spring is in full bloom at The Art League Gallery this weekend during the 15th Biennial Ikebana Show. Read more →