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Margaret Cerutti: Saying it With Paint

"The subject's profile and heavily textured skin beckons you to address the sense of pride, self-confidence and wisdom that comes with age." Read more →

Painter Beverly Ryan on the Creative Process

“My job is to keep the faith and see where the process takes me.” Read more →

Q&A with Painter Michele Reday Cook

“What's your creative process like, from an idea to a finished piece?” “Agony! Frustration!” Read more →

Q&A with Painter George Carr

What's Jim thinking about behind that dark expression? Read more →

Q&A with “Large Works” Winner Jordan Xu

Jordan Xu's figure painting was the best in show for “Large Works.” The artist talks about this piece and his painting career so far. Read more →

Q&A with Painter Cindi Lewis

“Hearing music performed live is a very different experience from listening to a recording. My objective is to capture the visual aspect of that experience.” Read more →