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Q&A with Painter Peggy Weed

Some of the artwork in the annual ’Scapes exhibit reaches to distant locations around the globe, but other landscapes are close to home. Read more →

Web Bryant on Sentry to the 54th

"Washington is my favorite museum. The buildings themselves are magnificent, and I have created several paintings that show museum exteriors. So it was only natural to want to paint something inside a museum as well." Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Gail Vogels

"It's hard to separate a memory of an event from an image depicting that event." Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner H.K. Anne

"Many of the Hudson River artists' paintings were panoramas of the landscape used as a metaphor for the possibilities of this new country. Most of my landscapes are up close and complicated, which I feel reflects our time in history." Read more →

Video Demo: Glazing Over a Grisaille Underpainting

With fall classes well underway at The Art League School, we’ll be bringing you new instructor video demos in the weeks ahead. Today’s video comes from Priscilla Treacy’s class, “Basic Oil Painting and Beyond”: For more of our instructor demos, check out this YouTube playlist. Read more →

Q&A with Award-Winner Christine Lashley

In this month’s “Color Sphere” exhibit, the Gilham Award went to Christine Lashley for Margaret, an appropriately colorful portrait of her daughter. Juror Lee Boynton called the oil painting “evocative and full of great color and emotion.” We asked Christine about the painting, her views on color, and her artwork in general. How was Read more →