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Get Patrons’ Show Tickets This Saturday

It's that time of year again! Read more →

Thank You for the Best-Ever Patrons’ Show Fundraiser!

Five hours and hundreds of artworks after it started, the biggest Patrons’ Show Fundraiser in history ended Sunday night with lots of happy patrons and some very empty walls! Read more →

The Calm Before Sunday

With the Patrons’ Show Fundraiser drawing set for this Sunday, we’re getting ready for hundreds of visitors this weekend as ticketholders come to pick out their favorites! Read more →

How the Patrons’ Show Fundraiser Works: Tips, Tools, & Reminders

Even if you can't come on Sunday, you can join the fun with the First Choice Raffle Ticket, on sale in the Gallery. Read more →

We’re Posting Patrons’ Show Photos

Numbers and additional images are going up as they come in. Check back! Read more →

Tips for Framing 150 Works of Art

#1: Wear gloves. Keep Band-Aids nearby. Don't bleed on the artwork. Read more →