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Ready for the Patrons’ Show Fundraiser?

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Saturday, January 13) for the 50th Anniversary Patrons' Show Fundraiser! Read more →

Thank You For Another Amazing Patrons’ Show Fundraiser

Now that things have settled down a bit, here's a recap and some thank-yous you may have missed. Read more →

Patrons’ Show Fundraiser: Tips for First-Timers

Here are our tips for first-time patrons. (It's impossible to fully describe the experience, but we've done our best.) Read more →

Patrons’ Show Fundraiser: Counting Down to Sunday

There's a lot to explore in the Patrons' Show Fundraiser — 650 works of art and counting. Read more →

The 2017 Patrons’ Show Fundraiser Judge’s Award Winners

On Wednesday, Patrons' Show Fundraiser juror Jack Rasmussen visited the gallery to pick out the four judge's awards. We're very pleased to announce the award winners! Read more →

Patrons’ Show 2017: Tickets, Photos, & Details

Patrons’ Show Tickets go on sale January 14! It’s that time of year again! Tickets ($225 each) for the 2017 Patrons’ Show Fundraiser go on sale this Saturday, January 14 at 10:00 am – online only! On Saturday, please be sure to go to to buy your tickets! See below for details about this event. Important Dates Tickets Read more →