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Deborah Conn Explores the Female Gaze

Watercolorist Deborah Conn's paintings of women, when hung, seem to be inviting you into conversation. Conn celebrates inner resilience and strength in “A Sense of Herself." Read more →

Quick Links to Start Your February

Wanna see what a 10,000 year old crayon looks like? Read more →

Top Chef Carla Hall: A Paper-Doll Portrait by Danni Dawson

Long ago, Carla Hall — chef, Top Chef finalist and co-host of The Chew — was an Art League model. Read more →

Watch the Portrait & Figure Festival Keynote

We've just uploaded the video of Portrait & Figure Festival's opening keynote and panel discussion, featuring Ted Reed, Danni Dawson, Rob Liberace, and Dan Thompson. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #232

Here are new exhibits and more to apply for. Good luck! Read more →

Q&A with Claire Carroll: “Woman Shoots Man”

"There are so many stories in the news at the moment about men overpowering and suppressing women that I wanted to show an instance of woman being in control of man." Read more →