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Q&A with Award Winner Wijati Soemantoro

"The final products of my mind are usually more representational portraits and figures … when I utilize more of my heart, it evokes an emotional response." Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner M. Alexander Gray

"I can trace my interest in printmaking to a college instructor who said my pen drawings reminded him of Albrecht Durer's woodcuts. Over the years since then I have come to appreciate printmaking as an extension of — and improvement upon — drawing." Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Maria Valle-Riestra

"The pieces are a result of an inner impulse and do not depend on much premeditation or preparatory sketches. Throughout the drawing session I try to stay connected to this directing 'mood' and express it with my brush and pen." Read more →

Tonight: Opening Reception for November Exhibits

You can meet photographer Everitt Clark and the artists behind "Small Works" and "Large Works" at the gallery's opening reception tonight, November 14, at 6:30 pm. Read more →

Large & Small Works Are Here

This month, The Art League Gallery asked our artists to go big, go small, or go home. That's right — "Large Works" & "Small Works" are here again! Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Rana Geralis

To close out November’s “Small Works” show, which closed Monday, here’s our Q&A with the final award winner, Rana Geralis. Rana’s watercolor, Trail Ride, won third prize to Trail Ride in that exhibit. We asked Rana to tell us more about the painting, her work in general, and her frequent subject, horses. (To see our Read more →