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Small Works Winner: Why Vitamins?

“I think of vitamins as a kind of contemporary vanitas symbol.” Read more →

Small Works & Large Works Return!

Goldilocks isn't a big fan of these exhibits, but our visitors always are! Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Wijati Soemantoro

"The final products of my mind are usually more representational portraits and figures … when I utilize more of my heart, it evokes an emotional response." Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner M. Alexander Gray

"I can trace my interest in printmaking to a college instructor who said my pen drawings reminded him of Albrecht Durer's woodcuts. Over the years since then I have come to appreciate printmaking as an extension of — and improvement upon — drawing." Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Maria Valle-Riestra

"The pieces are a result of an inner impulse and do not depend on much premeditation or preparatory sketches. Throughout the drawing session I try to stay connected to this directing 'mood' and express it with my brush and pen." Read more →

Tonight: Opening Reception for November Exhibits

You can meet photographer Everitt Clark and the artists behind "Small Works" and "Large Works" at the gallery's opening reception tonight, November 14, at 6:30 pm. Read more →