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Last Chance! These Exhibits Close Sunday

Don't just read, go! It all closes after Sunday, November 5. Read more →

Award Winners From Our “Tabletop”

Artworks from across the country are gathered together around a (figurative) table celebrating art that performs a function. Read more →

Last Chance to See Our June Exhibits!

Have you experienced Alex Tolstoy’s watercolor waterscapes yet? Examined the functional art created for your table? Enjoyed beautiful artwork in all media? Read more →

The Tabletop: A Place With Special Meaning

What do you keep on your tabletop? Read more →

Now Open in the Gallery

What's new at The Art League? We're so glad you asked. Read more →

See What These Artists Are Bringing to the Table

This exhibit is an annual celebration of the table — breakfast table, dinner table, what have you. Read more →