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All-Media Exhibit - December 2008

December 2008

All-Media Membership Show
December 3, 2008 – January 5, 2009


Award(s):  The Marker Award, The John Prignano Memorial Award, and Honorable Mention Awards.

Show Info: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 11, 6:30–8:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 7:00 pm.

641 entered, 144 accepted



Juror's Statement:


with Erica Fortwengler



First time Art League juror Fritz Briggs emphasized the importance of proficient drawing skills, a good sense of composition, and overall presentation while jurying the December All-Media Show. He was extremely impressed with the overall quality and variety artwork presented.


Briggs stressed how important it is for artists to have a good foundation in drawing. In addition to technical competence, Briggs was also interested to see how well the image and composition filled the designated space or picture plane. He spoke of the importance of framing, presentation, and overall execution in creating a successful work.


"Some pieces instantly grab you, have that "pulling power." Artwork should have a mesmerizing effect on a viewer from a distance, because that’s when a piece has its initial impact, from afar."


"Valentina" by Teresa Oaxaca received The Marker Award, best in show. "The anatomy is perfect. The lighting is excellent, creative – keeps the focus near her face and chest. The shadows and lighting push and pull parts of the figure forward guiding the viewer. The addition of red is very smart, in that it helps to make the piece pop."


"I always tell my students, shapes make patterns and patterns make pictures." "Brassica Baravura," by Rachel Collins was awarded The John Prignano Memorial Award. "The patterns in this piece are interesting. The composition doesn’t feel confined. The cabbage spreads beyond the boundaries of the mat. This is a beautiful watercolor."


Briggs was highly impressed with "The End of the Beginning" by Edward Reed. "This piece has a killer composition, excellent use of negative space (the mattress, headboard). The colors are harmonious. The whites reverberate. The figure fills the space so well. Has a wonderful glow. The quality is just excellent."


Briggs teaches at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, MD, the historic Hampton Mansion, and other venues throughout the city of Baltimore. Briggs was born in the home of his grandfather, Hans Schuler Sr., a well-known sculptor and founder of the Schuler School of Fine Arts. Briggs attended Frostburg State College, graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA degree. After serving two years as an illustrator for the Department of Social Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he began teaching watercolor at the Schuler School.


In 1968, Briggs was elected to the American Watercolor Society. He is an active member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society where he has served as president twice. In 1973, he had the distinction of being elected to the Salmagundi Club in New York and is also a member of the Charcoal Club of Maryland.



Sample Work:










To view all of the images from the show, please click here.



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