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La Femme - March 2008

March 2008

La Femme: Celebration of an Icon

All-Media Membership Show

March 5 – April 7, 2008



Award(s):  The Best in Show Award, and Honorable Mention Awards.

Show Info: Opening Reception, Sunday, March 9, 2:00–4:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 2:30 pm.

424 entered, 64 accepted




Juror's Statement:

with Erica Fortwengler




Not having juried for The Art League before, Sarah Tanguy came into the gallery open minded in terms of how she expected our artists to interpret the theme of, "La Femme." She was pleased to see such diversity and was happy with the broad interpretation of the subject matter. "I am glad that much of the work dealt with the theme in a narrative, interpretive, and symbolic way," she stated.

"Many of the submissions dealt with the theme in a classical way. There were many pieces depicting mother and child, for example. There were not a lot of pieces tackling gender issues or differences, feminism, or political issues, though there were some," stated Tanguy.

When jurying a show that has a theme or focus, subject matter takes on increased importance. "A piece needs a combination of process and technique in order to successfully deliver a message or feeling. It needs balance. For this show, works needed to be relevant to the theme, but they also needed to hold up technically," she remarked.

"I was most drawn to pieces with recognizable expressions and feelings. I wanted to create a mood, a sense of mood, and a state of mind with the show," stated Tanguy. For the best in show award, she selected "Mother and Daughter" by Avis Fleming. "I chose this piece for its sense of openness, movement, experimentation, and the sense of found narrative within all the little studies."

Tanguy was disappointed not to find more three-dimensional works. She also felt that artists could all go further in their respective media. "I did not feel that the artists pushed themselves far enough in their media. Don't be afraid to fail, put something in the corner and come back to it. It's important to look and study the work of recognized masters, even if you're working in a classical approach," she remarked.

Tanguy is a curator in the ART in Embassies Program, as well as an independent curator and critic based in Washington, DC. Her current projects include "Vanishing Boundaries," a joint US/Lithuania photography exhibition, "Taken for Looks," an all-photography, food-inspired exhibition, "Breaking Bread," a Cuba/Russia/US exhibition, and an ongoing exhibition series for the American Center for Physics. Since 1983, Tanguy has developed over a hundred exhibitions. She holds an MA in Art History from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a BA in Fine Arts from Georgetown University

Sample Work:







To view all of the images from the show, please click here.



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