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Large Works - November 2008

November 2008


All-Media Membership Show
November 5 – December 1, 2008


Award(s):  The Eleanor Boudreau Jordon Award, and Honorable Mention Awards.

Show Info: Opening Reception, Thursday, November 13, 6:30–8:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 7:00 pm.

232 entered, 46 accepted


Juror's Statement:

with Erica Fortwengler

"A large work has to carry itself from a distance."


"A piece has to have a rhythm, synergy, and be cohesive in order to succeed. The technical aspects that come together to create a strong composition have to be harmonious… if there isn’t that musical quality then the work is not successful," states juror Glenn Perry.

Perry believes when working on a sizeable scale, "a large work has to carry itself from a distance." He also feels that, in general, artwork should immediately be accessible to the viewer. "There needs to be that initial visual interest. I encourage artists to think about their surface. The texture of your surface can make your work so much more interesting."

Perry awarded best in show to "End of the Beginning," by Edward J. Reed. "This piece has great drama created by the palette, lighting, and composition. The movement of the paint leads the eye of the viewer around the piece. The strategically placed highlights also draw your eye throughout the composition."

Honorable Mentions were awarded to the pieces that stood out most for Perry. "Passion," by Raka Bose Saha stood out for its sense of movement and flow. "You can tell by the gestures that this artist is very confident in what she is doing. The gestures and mark making allow your eye to continually move throughout the piece."

Perry was glad to see a large-scale figure drawing. "Nude Study," by C. Charles Wang was awarded an Honorable Mention. "I can see that is a confident, competent artist. The marks, gestures are very confident. He knows what he’s doing."

Michele Hoben’s "Through the Wire IV" was awarded for "its wonderful atmospheric quality and sense of light. Your eye is carried throughout the piece by the mark making – it has a musical quality. This is a very competent artist."

Perry works at the National Gallery in the Design and Installation department. He is a member of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters. Of his own work he says, "I would hope that my work suggests a state of being where self and nature are experienced as a unity."


Sample Work:



To view all of the images from the show, please click here.



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