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All-Media Exhibit - May 2008

May 2008

All-Media Membership Show

May 7 – June 2, 2008




Award(s):  The Bertha Harrison Award, The Amelia T. Clemente Award, and Honorable Mention Awards.

Show Info: Opening Reception, Thursday, May 8, 6:30–8:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 7:00 pm.

608 entered, 132 accepted




Juror's Statement:

with Erica Fortwengler




"A successful work of art is all about a compelling image. A piece can be technically perfect and have that strong sense of accomplishment, but it has to have something extra. It has to sing. Often those unplanned elements that work into a piece serendipitously are what make a work of art," states Brandon Fortune, juror for the May All-Media Membership Show at The Art League Gallery.

Fortune, Curator of painting and sculpture at the National Portrait Gallery, has juried for The Art League on a number of occasions. She once again found the work to be quite strong and was impressed with the variety of work submitted – in terms of media, genre, and perspective. Fortune felt that it was important for the show to reflect the diversity of the work submitted. She wanted all media to be represented.

"I was so pleased to find such a variety of strong work. Throughout the submissions I found outsider art, work bordering on illustration, landscape, figurative work, photography, printmaking, etc. I found the works on paper to be the strongest overall. "

"This show is very postmodern, very much of its time. The works I’ve chosen are very contemporary, and even the pieces that derive from traditional approaches to the visual arts speak to the current moment," remarks Fortune. The chosen palette, application, perspective, media, or presentation is what makes some of the more traditional works "contemporary." Fortune encourages artists working with a traditional subject matter to make their work fresh and of this time.

All of the works to which Fortune awarded Honorable Mentions have a sense of crispness, a subtle narrative, and are strong compositionally. These pieces are framed suitably for the image and are presented professionally. "It is important for artists to present their work professionally. Poor framing choices can kill a work of art and overwhelm an image," Fortune advises.

Li River by Kay Springwater received the Amelia T. Clemente Family Award. "This silver gelatin print shows the sublety of contrast you can only get from film," she states. Charlotte by Teresa Oaxaca received the Bertha G. Harrison Award. "This drawing is beautiful, technically outstanding. The pose and attitude of the subject makes this piece clearly modern for me, even though the model is sitting in a gothic revival chair. It is important to recognize such talent."




Sample Work:







To view all of the images from the show, please click



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