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All-Media Exhibit - April 2009

April 2009

All-Media Membership Show
April 9 – May 4, 2009


Award(s):  The Marshall Award, The Carol Bruce Pastel Award, and Honorable Mention Awards.

Show Info: Opening Reception, Thursday, April 9, 6:30–8:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 7:00 pm.

587 entered, 113 accepted

Juror's Statement:

with Erica Fortwengler


“A fine work of art must surpass craft all the while aligning with the artist’s personal vision and what is meaningful to the artist. An artist must paint, create what he or she knows and what is visible to them,” states Daniel Shay, juror of the April All-Media Show at The Art League.

Just like all musicians in an orchestra must play in accord to create a beautiful symphony, all technical elements in a visual work of art must come together to create a harmonious piece. Shay believes that one element isn’t more important than another; all are equally important in order to achieve success.

Shay felt that the variety of media submitted had expanded since the last time he juried, and he was pleased to view a larger number of successful experimental works. “I would like to see more rigorous drawing of the human form. The ability to draw the human figure is timeless, and it is something that can never be replaced.”

“Color Study, Autumn” by Paulette Warwick, was awarded the Marshall Award. The piece had a “visual magnetism” for Shay. “The artist has gone beyond great technique. There is a sense of liberation among the repetition. It reminds me of the stream of Mondrian ‘s development from expressionism to abstraction.”

“Harbour Town, Yellow Shutter,” by Kelly St. Clair was awarded the Carol Bruce Pastel Award. “The artist has mastered the technique, but technique is not the most important element. The relationship between nature and humanity is clear.”

Shay awarded several pieces Honorable Mentions. Fierce Sonia’s, “Tiffany’s Dance, Lung X-Ray, “demonstrates an elegant photographic chiaroscuro. There is a subtle and powerful sense of depth here. This is a unique mix between modern science and Leonardo da Vinci.” Shay was drawn to Roberto Tetro’s “LE Lester Truck” because “here we see a fragment that’s telling a story. Nature is reclaiming materials. This demonstrates a great cycle.”

Shay supervises the hanging crews that install paintings at the National Gallery of Art. In 1984, the same year Shay went to work as an exhibit installer at the National Gallery, he began dedicated investigations of motion and time in drawing.


Sample Work:





To view all of the images from the show, please click here.



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