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All-Media Exhibit - December 2009

December 9 – January 4, 2010



The Ralph Marker Award: Landscape with Creek & Snow  —  Fred Markham

Honorable Mention:
A"?"  —  Karen Schmitz
Fairground Fashion  —  Jane Cave
Lady Luck  —  Chip Cecil
Laugh Kookaburra Laugh  —  Deanna Boling
Light on the Lake  —  Mark Ingraham
Pushing the Edges #1  —  Cristy West
Resuscitation  —  M.M. Panas
Untitled  —  Makda Kibour

Show Info: Opening Reception, Thursday, December 10, 6:30–8:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 7:00 pm.

Entered 737, Accepted 156




Juror's Statement:
with Erica Fortwengler


New to The Art League, juror David Grafton arrived ready to jury the December All-Media exhibit expecting to see strong work.  He was pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed to find an extraordinary number of competent pieces.  The volume of submissions blew him away, 737 entries, and it therefore took a while for the show to establish itself. 

“When jurying a show, I first react to works on a visceral level. What would I hang on my wall, in my gallery? Then I look at technique – drawing ability, value changes, design, space, handling of medium, etc.  Finally, I select what really strikes me, intrigues me, and what I love.”

“It’s not what you paint but how you paint it.”  Grafton doesn’t feel that subject matter is relevant to creating a successful work. “I like juicy, good brushwork; good quality. Paint application is really important.”  As far as technique is concerned, “If a work is trying to be representational, then technique must be really strong.  The artist can’t get sloppy or else the piece doesn’t work.”  

Grafton remarked that he felt that the watercolors were overall a littler weaker than the other media submitted.  “Watercolor requires such skill, patience, and detail. It’s a difficult medium to master.” 

“The works selected as award winners are solid works of art, and my favorites in the show.” Fred Markham’s “Landscape with Creek and Show” was selected as “Best in Show.”  “All the elements are present to make this piece a success. The atmosphere is there, good value changes, nice subtleties; everything just pulls together to make this a beautiful, successful piece.”

Grafton’s advice to all artists, “Have a good foundation in rendering, drawing (I don’t mean that you need to be strong at drawing in detail) to be comfortable and competent. Find what you love and do what you love, and do it better than anyone else.”

Maryland artist David Grafton works in several different media and styles. His contemporary renderings of classical landscape create images of universal appeal. In addition to being accepted into 2008 and 2009 Plein Air Easton competitions, he has placed in private and corporate collections in over twenty-five states, England, Germany, Canada, and Norway.

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