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All-Media Exhibit - April 2010


The Art League presents the April 2010 All-Media Membership Exhibit
April 7 - May 3
Juror: Jack Boul



By Robinwyn Lewis, "Man in Plaid"

Best in Show: Robinwyn Lewis

Honorable Mention: Andrew Currie, Steve Ember, Diane Gallop, Eva Jacob, Murney Keleher, Jacqueline Saunders, Lee Gerry Wertheimer


508 Entered, 117 Accepted


Juror’s Dialogue with Whitney Staiger

Vincent van Gogh said, “The only time I feel alive is when I am painting.” In our All-Media Membership Shows, members submit their choice of artwork. The April All-Media Membership show held true to this ideal. Juror, Jack Boul was delighted to see so many different mediums represented. He was inspired by the work and said he was pleased much creativity.

Boul was intent on his search for relationships in the works he reviewed. He was determined to find relationships between positive and negative space, color and texture, or busy and calm. “Relationships are important in the work,” states Boul. He believes they give an extra push to the work, making the entirety of piece interesting. Painting and making art is what makes you feel alive as an artist according to Boul. He was adamant about the relationship between and artist and the work, not just the technicality of it. He was drawn to the pieces where he could see and artist’s emotion.

Boul awarded Best in Show to Robinwyn Lewis for “Man in Plaid”. “The use of negative and positive space interacts with each other, effectively creating a working relationship.” He was impressed with how the colors of the negative space ignited the relationships within the positive space. The blue-greens of the background interacted and pushed forward the yellow and pink tones in the face.

Jack Boul is a painter, printmaker and sculptor. He was born in Brooklyn in 1927. He has been living and working in the Washington area for more than 40 years. He taught printmaking at the Smithsonian Institution, American University and at Montgomery College in Maryland. Boul is also one of the founders of the Washington Studio School, an art school located in Georgetown. Boul is familiar with the Art League Gallery and was thrilled to be back.

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