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Ellen Delaney - June 2010

Ellen Delaney’s Color Fields, June 10 – July 5, 2010

Ellen Delaney’s landscape paintings are abstracted yet representational. Her paintings are full of contrast – rough texture vs. sharp lines, abstract vs. representational elements, complementary colors, and manmade vs. natural objects. Her solo exhibit Color Fields will be featured at The Art League Gallery, June 10 – July 5, 2010.  

Delaney likes to work with a palette knife to build up volume and texture, create abrupt lines and sharp edges. She likes the contrast between texture and line, which is evident throughout her work. She works in acrylic either on paper or on plywood, and enjoys experimenting with color and different color combinations, often producing landscapes with bright and energetic palettes. The square format of her works adds to the abstraction and is a unifying element throughout the exhibit.

“I’m not trying to recreate or to replicate a scene. I often abstract a photo or am inspired by parts of various landscapes.” She pieces together elements from different landscapes to create her own vision.  Delaney would like the viewer to walk through Color Fields and for the exhibit to evoke a sense of place, for the audience to enjoy the play of form, and for the viewer to relate to the work.

Her profession as a contemporary architect comes through in her painting, with her strong sense of composition and clean lines. Delaney feels that the most valuable skill she’s transferred from her professional career to her work is an artist is the editorial/refinement process; being able to objectively look at her work and edit. Delaney has only been painting for about 10 years, and has quickly become quiet accomplished. She shows regularly at The Art League and is newly juried artist of the Torpedo Factory Art Center. 

Color Fields, June 10 – July 5, 2010
Opening Reception and Meet the Artist: Thursday, June 10, 6:30-8:00 pm




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