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Robert Keating - November 2010

The C&O Canal: Places and Stories
November 4 - December 6, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 11, 6:30
- 8:00 pm

In capturing the 184.5-mile expanse of the C&O Canal, from Georgetown in Washington, DC to Cumberland, Maryland, photographer Robert Keating presents the waterway as a series of local and visually striking panoramas. The C&O Canal: Places and Stories, will be on display in The Art League Gallery, November 4 – December 6, 2010.


Three intersecting impetuses inspired Keating to begin his series on the canal: location, format, and professional interest. As a resident of Montgomery County, Keating has a familiarity with the canal stretching back to his youth; he recalls photographing scenes along the canal in high school. His roots in the area led him to research the stories behind each location featured in the series. These narratives heighten the impact of images while encouraging the viewer to consider the historic relevance of the canal.


Several years ago, Keating began working with panoramic images. He enjoys the scale and the technical challenge of working in such a large photographic format. After experimenting with several techniques for stitching multiple photographs together, Keating now works primarily in a digital format to create the most uniform images.


Keating also has a professional interest in civil and mechanical engineering. He earned a degree in the subject and has a deep-seated curiosity in the engineering feat that was required to build the various locks, aqueducts, and dams along the canal, evidenced by the focus he gives to these structures. Robert Keating’s panoramic landscapes of the C&O Canal capture the scope of the historic waterway while revealing the stories behind locations along its route.

Gallery Hours:

Monday-Saturday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Open Thursdays until 9:00 pm

Sunday, Noon-6:00 pm


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