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All-Media Exhibit - Sept 2010

September 2010: All-Media Membership Exhibit
September 9 - October 4, 2010
Juried by F. Lennox Campello

Oliva by Wendy Donahoe

Juror’s Dialogue with Whitney Staiger & Megan Fox

With over 700 entries to select from, F. Lennox Campello had to make a lot of challenging decisions as this month’s juror. However, he saw the high number of entries as a sign of the fierce competition in Art League exhibits. He views this competition as an opportunity for artists to work harder to be accepted into shows in addition to exhibiting alongside some of the best artists working in the region. Campello enjoyed selecting from such a high number of entries because it allowed him to pick a variety of both media and subjects.

As a gallery owner and operator as well as artist, Campello looked at pieces through a professional, discriminating lens. He stated that both the quality of work and quality of presentation have increased at the Art League since his last stint jurying a membership show. He appreciated the array of subject matter presented and looked for pieces with a unique voice.

Campello did not select works that he felt lacked a strong sense of color (if color was a factor). He saw several paintings where white was used to dilute colors, which he feels generally creates a muddied effect and weakens a work of art. Conversely, Campello felt that several black and white photographs needed more shades of white to create a stronger image. Digital photographers also should pay attention to pixilation in their images; problems in the photograph when it is first taken are amplified when it’s expanded to a larger size.

Campello was drawn to non-traditional subjects, composition, and media. He was especially thrilled to see so many encaustic submissions and he felt an attraction to small, intimate pieces. Works that encourage the viewer to take a step closer and form a connection with the piece were selected.

He also sought out works with technical acuity, such as the winner of the Shayna Heisman Simkin Award, Wendy Donahoe’s Olivia. Campello found the piece captivating; it marries incredible technical skill with intense psychological pull.

Campello is a local artist, critic, and curator. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Art in 1981 and has since become a regularly exhibited artist and widely read art critic. Campello has juried several group shows locally, including past Art League membership shows. His art reviews have been featured in major publications, including the Washington Post. He writes the well-read art blog Daily Campello Art News, which covers the Greater Washington, DC arts scene.

Download the complete Show List HERE.
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