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December 2011 - All-Media

December 2011 All-Media Exhibit
December 7, 2011 - January 2, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, Decmeber 8, 6:30-8:00 pm

Juried by Steve and Linda Krensky

Margaret Huddy, "Trade Winds"

Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler

Linda and Steve Krensky are avid art collectors of living contemporary artists. Their goal is to contribute positively to the careers of the artists they collect and represent and to continually introduce their customers to new and exciting artwork and artists. They are the owners of the Light Street Gallery in Baltimore, MD. The Krensky’s have juried many local exhibits for galleries including the Target Gallery and Zenith Gallery. They are well known for their enthusiastic support of emerging artists in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as their extensive collection.

The Krensky’s often jury exhibits as a duo. One might wonder how they go about this. Their aesthetic taste matches up more often then not, and when it doesn’t, they make concessions for one another. “If there’s a piece that I love but he doesn’t, we include it, and vice versa,” remarked Linda.

Neither of the Krensky’s come from a trained art background. But they are passionate about art and artists, and they have a great eye for what works.

The Krensky’s have visited The Art League Gallery many times. They expected to see a broad range of high caliber work, and they weren’t disappointed. “It was very difficult to jury this show – we were choosing between the good and good,” noted Steve.

“We tend to gravitate towards figurative, traditional, and narrative works. We prefer tightly painted or constructed pieces. We want to see balance within the piece and a strong composition. But what we’re really looking for is something truly unusual and unique. We’re always on the lookout for something new and different,” stated Linda.

Steve remarked that they don’t like for work to be untitled. They think it’s important for the artist to guide the viewer with a title.

With such a wide variety of media submitted, the Krensky’s wanted the exhibit to be representative of the works entered. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs, fiber, mosaics, prints, and more are all included in the exhibit. Both Steve and Linda found the oils on canvas and the photography to be particularly strong.

They awarded the Carol Zakaski Memorial Award for watercolor to Margaret Huddy for “Trade Winds.” “This piece is so well done – watercolor is so challenging. I love the detail and how it’s so tightly painted. I also like the perspective the artist chose,” stated Linda. The Adam Wishnow Memorial Award for Creativity and Innovation was presented to Samuel Miller for “Hotel Wescott.” “This piece is truly unique and different,” they remarked. The pieces to which they awarded Honorable mentions were the pieces they immediately gravitated towards.   

Carol Zakaski Memorial Award for best watercolor – $200. This award, honoring the memory of former Art League member Carolyn Zakaski, is funded by donations from her friends, family, and colleagues. ´╗┐ 

Adam Wishnow Memorial Award for Creativity and Innovation - $150

The Art League is pleased to offer the Adam Wishnow Award. This award, which is supported by his family, will, in a small way, celebrate Adam's life as a creative, respected, and singular person. For those that knew Adam, he was a champion for creativity and "individual-thinking" in our community. Along with his imaginativeness, Adam had a wonderful social and work ethic that benefited all those around him.

For a complete list of award winners and accepted pieces, click
View this exhibit on flickr!



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