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Small Works & Wearable Art - Nov 2011

Small Works
November 9 - December 5, 2011

Theresa Esterlund, Variation. Winner of the November 2011 Anne J. Banks Collage Award.

Juried by Jordan Faye Block

Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler

With nearly 900 works submitted for consideration into the 2011 “Small Works” exhibit, Jordan Faye Block had enormous task before her when she arrived in the gallery to jury the popular annual exhibit. Like so many of our previous jurors, Block wanted to make sure that she curated an exhibit of works that fit together, rather than simply selecting random favorites.

Block’s own preference is for contemporary work, but she didn’t find many works that fit the bill. So she focused on selecting quality, successful work with strong composition, good use of color, and skilled use of medium. She enjoyed the humor and quirkiness in many of the works, and felt that they added to the whimsy of a show filled with small pieces. She noted that she was thrilled to see such strong printmaking among the submissions.

Presentation was a big consideration for Block. “Artists really need to think about the presentation of their work. A lot of the work was either over framed or inappropriately framed. Consider what the image needs. Many pieces were squeezed into a frame that was too small, leaving little or no negative space around the image. Work with a framer who frames work for galleries. It’s best to consult a professional rather than to do it yourself.”

The works selected as the award winners were the standout pieces. Block awarded the Anne Banks Collage Award to Theresa Esterlund for “Variation.” “This piece resonates with me. I like the overall tone, and the artist has demonstrated a mastery of the medium.” She presented the Eleanor Boudreau Jordan Award to Everitt Clark for “Cabin 2,” a silver gelatin contact print. She was impressed by the quality of the print, the composition, line, and value range.

“I encourage artists to visit galleries where you aspire to exhibit. See how your work measures up. Is your framing in line with what that gallery presents? Expose yourself to a lot of different artwork! It will help you grow as an artist.”

Block is the owner and founder of Jordan Faye Contemporary, a gallery for emerging artists in Baltimore, MD. Jordan Faye Contemporary was founded as a platform to give emerging artists a wider audience. Through its many locations, gallery exhibitions, website, & traveling shows, Jordan Faye exposes a larger community to engaging and thought-provoking work.

For a complete list of accepted pieces and award winners,
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What Art To Wear
November 9 - December 5, 2011

Juried by Carol Supplee

Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler

Carol Supplee, juror for The Art League’s first wearable art exhibit, found a variety of items from which to choose for “What Art to Wear.” Clothing, jewelry, boots, handbags, and accessories were all submitted for Supplee’s review.

First and foremost, Supplee was looking for well-made pieces. Secondly, she strived to select work she felt one can realistically wear. She selected pieces she felt are visually appealing, with a strong sense of design, and that are original and creative.

The Marker Award was presented to Barbara Rushworth for “Modern Kimono.” “This artist has demonstrated outstanding skill. The sweater is well made and there is a strong use of color woven throughout the piece.”

Another favorite of Supplee’s was Anna Yakubovskaya’s nuno felted ensemble. “This artist has demonstrated an extraordinary control and skill of her craft.”

Supplee remarked that Val Moskowitz’s “Special Occasion Bag” is “classic with a contemporary twist.” Diane Blackwell’s “Front Suspension,” “while not wearable, shows a sense of humor.” Supplee noted that the beadwork among the jewelry entries “is absolutely gorgeous.”

Supplee hopes that viewers come through the gallery they will see that these pieces are in fact wearable and that you can make a statement with wearable art. She also hopes that younger generations will discover these traditional crafts and put their own stamp on the various art forms.

Carol Supplee is the owner and founder of Imagine Artwear in Old Town, which showcases the best in contemporary American crafts. Imagine sells sophisticated clothing, jewelry, and accessories made exclusively by American artists. Supplee’s gallery is dedicated to displaying the talents of weavers, painters, surface designers, jewelers, potters, glass artists, and furniture makers. Serving its community since 1988, Imagine Artwear has attracted an international audience to its doors. Imagine is a craft fair happening year round.

For a complete list of accepted pieces and award winners,
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