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All-Media & Altars - Oct 2011

Altars, Icons, and Reliquaries
Exhibit dates: October 5 - November 7, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 13, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Awards presented at 7:30 pm.

Click here for a list of artists accepted into the Altars, Icons, and Reliquaries Exhibit.
Click here to visit the
Altars, Icons, and Reliquaries Exhibit on flickr.

Laura Clerici, "Lady of the Sign," tempera and gilded halo on panel.

Although altars, icons, and reliquaries have strong roots in religious traditions, artists are encouraged to move past solely religious connotations and bring their own personal interpretations to their work. Throughout history, humans have collected and saved items to remind them of loved ones lost. Artists can consider non-Christian imagery such as the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu or spiritual images like those of Stonehenge, mandalas, circles cut into the earth, Native American symbolism. Click
here for the full "call to artists" and for entry guidelines.

Juror: Terry Svat.
Terry Svat graduated from Kent State University with a BFA. She worked in commercial art in Ohio, Minnesota, and Washington, DC. Living abroad for twelve years, Svat exhibited and sold her work in Chile, Argentian, Panama, and Germany. After receiving her MA in Art Therapy from George Washington University, she worked as an art therapist and taught in the program at George Washington University until 2009. She continues to exhibit her work through-out the area, most recently in a one-person exhibit in 2010 at Washington Printmakers Gallery in Washington, DC. Her work shows the influence of her many years abroad and her fascination with symbols, images, and monuments. Svat says, “ I want my work to convey a sense of connectivity, a flow of past to the present and back again.”

The Gallery Director Award, $200: This is the first year for this award. Gallery Director, Rose O’Donnell, established it to honor the past directors of The Art League gallery, both paid and unpaid, and thank them for the contributions they all have made.

The Anne J. Banks Award for Excellence in Collage, $200: Anne Banks was a member of The Art League in the 1970’s. She went on to become a professor of art at George Washington University, George Mason University and the Chairperson of Visual and Fine Arts at Northern Virginia Community College. Anne continues to show her work and wrote a comprehensive history of Design titled, “What is Design?”  which is available for purchase on Amazon.com. This award will be presented for the first time this year


October 2001 All-Media Membership Exhibit
Exhibit dates: October 5 - November 7, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 13, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Awards presented at 7:30 pm.

Click here for a list of artists accepted into the October 2011 All-Media Membership Exhibit.
Click here to visit the
October 2011 All-Media Membership Exhibit on flickr.


Sid Platt Watercolor Award: Jacqueline Saunders, "Desi on Friday," Watercolor.

Juried by Danielle O’Steen

Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler


“The challenge is to find works of art that, together, can create a dialogue.” – Danielle O’Steen


As juror Danielle O’Steen viewed the pieces submitted for the 2011 October All-Media exhibit, her talent as an accomplished curator kicked in. Not only did she want to select skillful original work with a unique perspective, she wanted to make sure that the art she selected stood together as a body of work. It’s apparent that there’s a common thread that runs through the work she chose.


“I lean towards conceptual, abstract, and sculptural work,” O’Steen stated. For a work to be chosen, O’Steen noted that there needed to be something to make her to stop and consider a piece. And, there of course always has to be an element of skill. Being able to see the artist’s process and perspective is something that’s really important. “I’m particularly interested in artists who use alternative materials or who use traditional materials in an alternative way,” stated O’Steen.


“While I’m not as drawn to traditional, academic, or representational art, I considered such work if I saw a unique perspective. I want to see the individual artist’s voice shine through. A lot of the work was really beautiful, but it just wasn’t right for this show,” O’Steen explained.


O’Steen awarded the Sid Platt Watercolor Award to Jackie Saunders for “Desi on Friday.” “This artist has demonstrated an exceptional use of the medium and a mastery of layering. This is a portrait that has movement. It’s a dynamic piece and shows a contemporary use of watercolor.”


The Gilham Award was presented to M.M. Panas for “Exploration.” “This is a very powerful piece. I’m drawn to the texture and the use of materials. This artist has built a structure of paint and media, and this two-dimensional work enters the three-dimensional sphere.”


Danielle O’Steen is a critic and curator working in Washington, DC. She has contributed to publications such as Washington Post, Art + Auction, Capitol File, DCist, and Flash Art. She received her master’s degree in art history from The George Washington University, where she organized exhibitions for Classroom 102. She curated “Site Aperture” at Flashpoint Gallery with artists Margaret Boozer, Mia Feuer, Talia Greene, and Mariah Anne Johnson, which is open until November 5. 

The Gilham Award, $125.
The Gilham award is given in honor of Sigsbee Gilham, artist and teacher, who established The Art League in 1954 as a resource for local artists to show their work. The award is given at the discretion of the judge.


The Sid Platt Watercolor Award, $500. This is the first time this award is being offered for the best watercolor in a monthly show. Sid Platt was a long time member of The Art League. He began painting after a successful career at National Geographic where he worked with many of the great photographers on film productions through-out the world. After his death last year, a show and sale of his works was held. The proceeds of that sale and the donations from Sid’s many friends were donated to create this award. Thanks to the generosity of Jane Jordan and many others, we will be able to present this award for many years to come.




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