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Perspective - June 2017

Exhibit: Perspective
June 5 – July 2, 2017
Juror: David Carter
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 8, 6:30–8:00 pm

Best in Show: The Sunset Limited, by Teresa Oaxaca


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Juror talk June 24

Join David Carter for a talk in the Gallery, 2:00–3:00 pm. Please
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Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler

“Perspective,” especially when it comes to art, has many layered meanings. There’s the mathematical sense of the word: the intersection of spaces, the tension between depth and space, and the art and illusion of creating a three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Perspective can also be interpreted in terms of personal attitude or point of view.

As he carefully went through the submissions, juror David Carter remained true to the theme, embracing all interpretations of the concept of perspective. Technical proficiency, the fluent handling of materials, was also critical as he considered his selections. Carter, himself a master at the play on space, depth, and illusion in his own work, was the arguably the ideal artist to jury this exhibit.

When evaluating the success of [any] work, Carter asks himself, “What criteria does this piece seem to be creating for itself?” He noted that you have to judge each work on it’s own, against itself. What makes one piece successful might not make another succeed. It’s hard to compare two pieces that have different ambitions.

Carter selected Teresa Oaxaca’s The Sunset Limited as The Art League Board of Director’s Award Honoring Linda B. Hafer for Best in Show. “This artist can dance with a paintbrush. She has the feel of paint and a lively understanding of color. There’s a paradoxical aspect to this painting – it’s optically accurate piece by piece, but when you put it together, it becomes disorienting. It’s very ambitious.”

Suzanne Tillman’s The Tower Unravels won the Anne Banks Best in Show Award for Collage. “The artist is providing the viewer with an aerial perspective. The sense of stacking and overlapping gives the piece a sense of depth.”

Carter awarded several pieces with Honorable Mentions. Like Oaxaca’s painting, Sarah Bentley’s Escape from Suburbia caught Carter’s eye right away. “The three-dimensional and two-dimensional blend together seamlessly. There’s a beautiful, subtle variation of color. The handling of paint is very good; the colors and values are rich. The artist has made geometry and nature converge. This piece reminds me of Cezanne’s bridge, but it’s better.”

Rain, painted in gouache by Sara Sittig, “has a strong perspective. The viewer’s eye is led right into the vanishing point by the figures. The contrast of color – cool color palette in the foreground with the spot of warmth in the corner – really makes this piece successful.”

Jennifer Allevato’s The Artist’s Studio, “nicely echoes Matisse’s The Red Studio and it’s flattened perspective. The viewer is looking in at the studio, and there’s a painting on the easel that artist is creating of the studio. The artist has provided us with several different perspectives.”

Light, a photograph by Hi Il Lee, “is a really interesting piece. The horizon line, which is usually what anchors the perspective in a landscape, is blurred in this photograph. The rope creates the depth and intersection of space.”

Carter was drawn to Berit Jaruma Estabrook’s Be Here Now for the variation of color, texture, pattern, and depth. “This piece also provides us with a different point of view – here we have the subjects in the painting looking out at the viewer.”

A bunch of pieces, including Pattee Hipschen’s As Seen from Parking Lot, “have a see-through layer or screen to the background layer of space. There isn’t one focal point or vanishing point. The eye can focus in and out on the background or foreground layer.”  

Carter noted that he thought he might see works that illustrated contradictions or plays on the concept of perspective or mathematics. He felt that the drawings and paintings were the most successful works submitted because artists working in those media had the most freedom to manipulate and create their chosen perspective.

Carter hopes that artists and visitors alike will leave this exhibit feeling inspired!

Carter began teaching for The Art League School in 1991. That same year he began teaching as an adjunct professor of art at Montgomery College (MC) in Germantown, MD. In 2001 he became a full time professor at MC, where he also served as department chair from 2008-2014.

At MC, Carter typically teaches courses in drawing, design, color theory, painting, and art history, and also continues to teach a variety of courses for The Art League.

His work, primarily oil painting and drawing, has been exhibited in solo and group shows on the east coast and across the country. He has completed numerous public and private mural commissions in different parts of the U.S., and worked intermittently as an illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer.

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