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David Alfuth - July 2014

David Alfuth
"The Adventure"

July 10–August 4, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 10, 6:30-8:00 pm

Mary, Mary Quite Contraire. What Happened to Your Garden? 3D Collage, 25" x 14"


Sculptural collage artist David Alfuth constructs intimate dreamlike worlds and architectural structures with his paper relief and 3D works. The titles of his pieces are intriguingly integral to ultimate understanding of each story or scene. "The Adventure" will be on display at The Art League Gallery, July 10–August 4, 2014.

Alfuth uses Xeroxes of Dover books' copyright-free images for the content of his paper sculptures and reliefs, which focus on four different themes: storytelling, cubism, architecture, and stairs. He has collected thousands of photocopies to use in his works, and while many people may think a photocopy is merely a representation of the original, Alfuth appreciates the ways in which Xeroxing allows him to manipulate the images in scale, intensity, and various other ways. His works defy categorization, as they combine elements of collage and sculpture. The images are fixed together with a matte medium, and have been mounted on wood, PVC,  plexi, and even constructed inside plastic boxes. This show comes at a turning point for Alfuth: he has decided he has reached the proficiency he desires in reliefs, and wishes to more forward with more sculptures in the round.

Alfuth studied drawing and painting, but it was his 43-year teaching career that led to his current medium. When teaching his eighth-grade art history class about surrealism, he challenged his students to make their own surrealist art, telling stories through collages of Dover images. Alfuth started making example works for his class, and his reliefs and sculptures have been evolving ever since.



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