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All-Media - July 2013

All-Media Membership Exhibit
July 3 - August 5, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Clyfford Still’s Latch by Blair Jackson, awarded the Larry Kirstein Award for best in show

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Juror: Jerry Coulter
Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler

For the first exhibit of the new membership year, artist and educator Jerry Coulter selected 81 of the 496 works submitted to the July All-Media Exhibit. Coulter last juried for the League in 2008. He noticed the presence of more abstraction as opposed to so many “scenes,” and remarked that the abstract work had advanced and matured considerably since his last visit. He felt that the painting and photography was particularly strong, but as a figurative artist, he wish he had seen more figurative works.

The choice or focus on a particular subject matter in a work of art has never been important to Coulter. The use and mastery of line, value, texture, color, and composition to create expression is what makes a successful work.

“As visual artists, a white canvas is our stage and we make line, value, texture, and color perform to our intention. If we’re successful, we reveal some kind of emotion.”

Coulter felt that many of the works he did not select were of images that didn’t resonate, that didn’t come together. He noted that many of these works were of clichéd images, such as flowers, landscapes, and still lifes, rendered in a manner he had seen before. He did select some “common scenes,” but in those works, the paint application (or use of media) was primary and the subject matter was secondary. 

Coulter selected Blair Jackson’s “Clyfford Still’s Latch” as the best in show, recipient of the Larry Kirstein Award. “This photograph is a complete statement. The composition has a totality of subtlety. Every part contributes to the whole. The photographic surface is so slick, yet the impact is so textural.”

Ten works were awarded honorable mentions:

Coulter loved Deron DeCesare’s monotype “Varenna” for the beautiful control of grey values.

Larry Rood’s photograph “Everything Looks Worse in Black and White” caught Coulter’s eye because of the balance of line and the great play on color.

Coulter found “22 Cowper Road” by Liz Roberts to be a beautiful, textural mixed media piece bursting with energy.

Samuel Miller’s “Heavy Rain on Cameron Street” successfully captured the wet, rainy feeling and mood, and the artist demonstrated a real mastery of the medium.

Coulter felt that Claudia Cappelle’s “Zen Garden” went beyond the decorative, had a nice jazzy rhythm, and the artist demonstrated a nice feel for color and shape.

“Cone Flowers” by Karen Egbert interested Coulter because of the implied landscape and paint application. He noted that is an example of a work where the paint application is primary and the subject matter is secondary.

David Montgomery’s photograph “Abandoned” was selected for the beautiful textural relationships within the piece.

“Artemis” by Jill Banks was honored for its wonderful painterly feel and personality.

Coulter felt “Golden Moment” by Daniel Bloom was a technical “tour de force.”

“PA Gas Station #1” by Pete McCutchen was selected for its compositional integrity.

Coulter studied at Furman University and received his MFA from Ohio University in 1962. He also taught at Columbia College in South Carolina and at James Madison University, where he became a full Professor in 1976. Coulter has exhibited in over 100 exhibitions at various museums and galleries in the country, from which he has received numerous awards. His works feature the human figure painted in contemporary realistic settings. He has exhibited extensively throughout the Washington area.



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