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all-media exhibit - april 2012

April 2012 All-Media Exhibit
April 4 – April 30, 2012
Juried by Joseph Di Bella

Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler
Juror Joseph Di Bella was struck by the rich diversity and full array of different conceptual and technical approaches represented in the submissions to the April 2012 All-Media Exhibit. Di Bella is no stranger to The Art League. As a previous juror, he is quite familiar with the caliber and range of artwork created by our artists. He wanted to ensure that all media were represented in the exhibit – from the traditional to the digital.

In a successful work, Di Bella needs to see a sense of visual consonance. What is the artist’s idiom, intent? It’s important for the artist’s personal voice, message to come through. Di Bella noted that artists can reference a common or traditional genre, but they need to make it their own.

As a juror, Di Bella is not prejudiced to a particular style or approach. He feels that his job is to evaluate what the artist is trying to convey, and whether or not the artist has been successful in that endeavor.

Di Bella would have liked to see more risk taking, and invention among the works submitted. He noted that some artists are breaking the mold and are working outside of traditionally accepted norms. Miriam Keeler’s “Artist Conversing with L. Freud” does so on several levels. This painting is of a woman looking in the mirror, painting her image as it’s reflected in the mirror. This piece combines various painting techniques and subtly references psychological and sociological elements.

Di Bella noted that many works were inappropriately presented. “Many frames and mats just killed the piece – you want the work to shine, not the mat and frame. The piece I selected for Best in Show (by Cristy West) is presented perfectly,” stated Di Bella.

The Carol Bruce Pastel Award was presented to Betsy Kellum for “The Ram.” “The nuanced color palette really allows the viewer to sense the light falling on the form. The progression from light to dark shows that the artist has the ability to modulate temperature. The colors are very transitional and soft. There’s a great quality of light in this piece,” commented Di Bella.

Cristy West’s “Regenisis” was awarded The Marshall Award for Best in Show. “There are a number of pieces I selected that are within this same idiom, but this is the most compelling. The color modulation is beautiful. The shapes, color, marks, and use of space really work. There is a fine sense of proportional relationships and groupings, which organize the piece. It’s dynamic, yet controlled,” stated Di Bella.

Di Bella has worked as a Professor of Art at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA since 1977. Di Bella has his BA in Art History from Rutgers University, his MA in Painting from Northern Illinois University and his MFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University. He has exhibited widely throughout the US, most recently at Gallery 110 in Seattle, WA in an International Juried Exhibition.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

For a complete list of accepted works please click here.

Click here to view this exhibit on flickr.



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