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Color Sphere - Oct. 2012

Color Sphere
Juried by Lee Boynton
October 3–November 5, 2012
Opening Reception:
Thursday, October 11, 6:30-8:00 pm

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Juror’s Dialogue with Erica Fortwengler
“The artist’s use of light and dark, design, color, and visual narrative all work together to create visual drama,” explained juror Lee Boynton. “Visual drama” was what Boynton was looking for as he contemplated the 532 works of art submitted for the October 2012 “Color Sphere” exhibit.

Boynton was also looking for the trinity of “goodness, truth, and beauty.” Boynton defined goodness as “the successful use of media and combination of skills.” Truth as “consistency, the underlying principle of integrity, and how the piece is done.” And said beauty is “hard to define, but you know it when you see it.”

The 98 selected works stood out as having purpose and intentionality in addition to that visual drama. “A successful artist selects, edits, and simplifies – they know how to do more with less.” Boynton remarked that there was real strength in the oil paintings, with artists demonstrating a strong handling of the medium and the work showing a great depth of color.

Boynton noted that the unselected works lacked focus and were visually chaotic. “Artists need to be aware of what they’re doing and why. Everything you do has a purpose. Visual art is a narrative between the artist and the viewer,” explained Boynton.

The pieces Boynton selected as award winners all have visual drama, excitement, and strong color and light. These artists have excelled in “doing more with less,” remarked Boynton.

Boynton selected Christine Lashley’s “Margaret” for the Gilham Award for best in show. “The direct, alla prima painting portrait is evocative and full of great color and emotion,” said Boynton.

The Sid Platt Watercolor Award went to Marilyn Milici’s “La Banda.” “This piece is graphically very strong, and there is wonderful contrast between light and dark,” remarked Boynton.

Boynton received his BFA from Syracuse University in 1976 and continued his studies at the Art Students League in NYC. He studied with Cedric and Joanette Egeli in Annapolis, MD and Henry Hensche at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, MA. Under Hensche’s teaching, Boynton embraced the wonders of Impressionism, seeing and painting the changing color of light using a palette of colors that corresponds the natural spectrum of light.

Boynton has taught plein air Impressionist landscape painting at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, MD, in addition to teaching workshops in prime locations for landscape painting between Maine and Florida for thirty years.  He was a founder of the Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.

The Gilham Award, $125.
The Gilham award is given in honor of Sigsbee Gilham, artist and teacher, who established The Art League in 1954 as a resource for local artists to show their work. The award is given at the discretion of the judge.

The Sid Platt Watercolor Award, $500. Sid Platt was a long time member of The Art League. He began painting after a successful career at National Geographic where he worked with many of the great photographers on film productions through-out the world. After his death in 2010, a show and sale of his works was held. The proceeds of that sale and the donations from Sid’s many friends were donated to create this award. Thanks to the generosity of Jane Jordan and many others, we are able to present this award for many years to come.



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