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Elissa Farrow-Savos - May 2012

Conversations With My Mother
May 3–28, 2012


"Why Not the Moon?" polymer, oil paint, found objects, 48"x15"9"

Created from “the debris of life,” artist Elissa Farrow-Savos creates narrative, found object sculptures channeling themes and emotions familiar to women. “Every piece I make is about storytelling – each a narrative of some woman somewhere, and every woman everywhere.” This series will be on display at The Art League Gallery in her solo exhibit, “Conversations With My Mother,” May 3 – 28, 2012.

Farrow-Savos presents this collection of sculptures as interpretations of advice, adages, and sayings passed down from her own mother. Double and hidden meanings emerge when works are viewed with their titles in mind – for example, “You’ll Grow Into It” is a phrase repeated by mothers everywhere to allay the worries of their children; Farrow-Savos translates this into a small figure overpowered by a found metal dressform. These literal renditions evoke memories for the viewer, creating emotional connections and encouraging stories to unfold.

Each sculpture begins its life with a found object – an old wheel, antique toys– as Farrow-Savos envisions how a figure might emerge. She then conceives the physics of the armature to make the piece stable. The figures are created from polymer clay and painted with many layers of oil paint – this final step is what gives them their unique patina, adding character and life to these representations of women.

Holding degrees from Connecticut College in Painting and Computer Design with minors in Women’s Studies and Religion, Farrow-Savos has shown her sculptures in exhibits across the country. Her work has been featured in several solo exhibits across the region, at locations including ArtSquare and Lee Arts Center. This is her first solo exhibit at The Art League.

Exhibit Dates: May 3 – 28, 2012
Opening Reception & Meet The Artist: Thursday, May 10, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Gallery Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Open Thursdays until 9:00 pm
Sunday, 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm



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