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IMPART Ceramics Exhibit

IMPART Ceramics Exhibit
A Showcase of Wounded Warrior Artwork
December 7, 2013–January 5, 2014
(View the exhibit on Flickr)

Opening Reception:
Thursday, December 12, 6:30
Closing Reception:
Sunday, January 5, 2:00 pm

Exhibit card

The Art League’s IMPART Ceramics Exhibit showcases work by eight new ceramic artists, all of whom are part of the League’s IMPART Project – a unique collaboration between The Art League and the Wounded Warriors at Ft. Belvoir Military Base that offers the creative outlet of the visual arts to recently Injured Military Personnel, and their escorts and caregivers, while aiding their transition to health and healing.

The Art League provides hands-on ceramics instruction at our Madison Annex studio facility – focusing on hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and creative problem solving in a relaxing yet engaging environment. Participants are guided through a lesson plan that introduces a variety of techniques, tools, and skills and are encouraged to pursue independent projects. Personal enrichment, improving motor skills, relaxed social engagement, and expressive catharsis are key components of the program.

In conjunction with our IMPART ceramics course for Wounded Warriors, is our IMPART curriculum at the new USO National Wounded Warriors and Family Center at Fort Belvoir Hospital. This new curriculum focuses on broad-based visual art programming geared to in-treatment PTSD military patients. We are currently offering painting and photography courses on Monday afternoons to this constituency.

To find how you may support IMPART, please click here.

Read more about IMPART in the Washington Post.

Soldier Cradling Child by Jonathan Meadows

Teapot by Melissa Meadows



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