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Open Exhibit - May 2016

May Open Exhibit
Exhibit dates: Tuesday, May 3–Sunday, June 5, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 12 6:30–8:00 pm
Juror: Lisa Golightly

Betsy Anderson, Ancient Delos, oil on canvas. Winner of the Amelia T. Clemente Family Award for Best in Show.

View this exhibit on Flickr.

Download the full Program here.

Q&A with juror Lisa Golightly

Lisa Golightly is an artist living in Portland, Oregon. With a BFA in art, her initial focus was photography, the influence of which can be seen in her paintings. Her work revolves around memory and how snapshots shape, influence, change and even create memory. She works with acrylic and house paint, using found photos to create work that is both anonymous in nature but also very personal.

Golightly juried this exhibit online and answered some questions for us via email:

TAL: What did you expect to see before your received the entered work?
I would say I had more of a feeling of anticipation than expectation. Of course, I was hoping that there would be a lot of interesting work and I was excited to see that.

TAL: How was the experience jurying online versus seeing the works in person?

It really is hard to get a full appreciation of most work online. Some things are going to be inevitably lost on screen.

TAL: What do you look for in a successful work of art? What were you looking for this exhibit?

I look for work that is interesting; sometimes that means it’s challenging, other times it’s beautiful. For this exhibit, I looked for work by artists who approached a new perspective within their medium.

TAL: What technical element is most important for you?
I tend to be drawn to work initially by its overall composition.

TAL: What were the unselected works lacking?
Beyond a technical ability, I always hope that there is a meaning behind a work, something that makes you pause to look closer.

TAL: Does your own work as an artist influence you as a juror?

Oh I’m sure, whether consciously or not. The fabric of what I am drawn to when creating my own work (though not necessarily the visual representation), is present in how I see the world. So, I’m sure that extends to how I look at other peoples art.  

TAL: What drew you to the award winners? Can you elaborate on your selections?

The award winners had a great technical ability that allowed the imagery to be the focal point.

TAL: How did you find the presentation/framing/images of the submissions?

When art is viewed online, the higher quality the image the better – it really can influence how the artwork is perceived. The image of the art should be in focus and be cropped to show just the artwork.

TAL: What advice do you have for our artists?

Keep working and keep putting the time in – the same things I tell myself.

Open exhibits do not limit artists to theme, medium, process, or content. Artists are free to enter any current work made within the last 10 years. Download the prospectus. 


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