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Shapes - August 2013

Sculpture at The Art League
August 7 – September 2, 2013

Opening reception: Thursday, August 8, 6:30–8:00 pm

“Shapes,” juried by Laura Roulet, features three-dimensional sculptures, forms, structures, and creations by Art League artists. “Shapes” appears in The Art League Gallery concurrently with “’Scapes,” our annual landscape exhibit. Click here to download a list of accepted work. Click here to view pieces from this exhibit on Flickr.

Pristine Environment by Sabyna Sterrett, winner of the 2013 Monkith Saaid Award

Juror's Statement

The exhibit is titled “Shapes,” but for me it was all about materials. I was impressed with the wide variety of media used by the artists who submitted work for this show. There are many examples of expert craftsmanship in traditional sculptural materials such as terra cotta, marble, bronze and wood. But I was also interested in the artists who chose to work in felt, mixed media, recycled materials and plastic.

“Pristine Environment” by Sabyna Sterrett may seem like a surprising choice for best in show. How can an assemblage of white, plastic bags compare to a cast bronze? Yet this “Home Depot” approach to materials is one of the strongest trends in sculpture today. The term “de-skilling” is a puzzling one, but it refers to a conceptual, unorthodox approach to creating sculpture, where the work may be glued, bound or assembled rather than cast or carved. Aside from a sense of design and command of materials, content is the most important component of any work of art. Sterrett’s work seems to have an underlying environmental message, and perhaps a reference to the history of feminist fiber art. It may stand out from the other work, like Marcel Duchamp’s urinal in the 1917 Armory Show, but it similarly points in the direction of the future.

Overall the quality was very high. I thought Pamela Underhill, George Tkabladze and Saeed Marefat also deserved honorable mentions. It is always challenging to jury an exhibit from digital images, but for precisely that reason, it is so important for artists to have high quality images (and a website) to show off their work to its best advantage.

Thank you for introducing me to these new artists. I look forward to seeing the work installed in the gallery.

 - Laura Roulet



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