Creative Encounter: The Birth Of Whimsy

Lisa Semerad (click to zoom)
Summer Workshop 2019
Days: Sunday
Hours: 10:00am-4:00pm
Number of Sessions:
Tuition: $100.00
Instructor: Semerad, Lisa
Start Date: 08-25-2019
Registration Begins: 08-06-2018
Tired of copying what you see? Want to surprise yourself and use whatever colors you want? Show your playful side by creating your wildest whimsies. Using people, animals, vehicles, and buildings, participants break every preconceived notion. Items are then combined into a scene where there is no gravity, the sky can be plaid, houses are made of Jello and the pets...well, anything is possible. Start with pencil and paper, and then choose any media for the final project. Instructor has vast knowledge of all media and techniques. 
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