Instructor: Stephen Sherwin
Stained Glass
There is an inherent balance between artistic expression and technical construction in stained glass.  To master technique as well as excel in design is a perfect combination.  As an artist, I welcome and embrace both aspects.

My work is often abstract and dimensional.  I reference life experiences in an attempt to add meaning to my work.  Family illness and death, as well as hope and joy have provided me with inspiration.  I haven’t used art as a refuge during difficult and sad times in my life, but use these experiences to help give my work a voice.

I have always had a fascination with color, and color in glass with all its possibilities is one reason for choosing to work in this medium.  Picking stained glass for a project is a major creative aspect in glass design.  There is a seemingly endless selection of glass in all colors, types, and styles.
Stained Glass
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